tumblr feminism can be great and all but it doesn’t prepare you enough for a showdown with three drunk misogynistic homophobes who make you want to stab yourself and make you feel horrible for being tolerant towards everyone who is a good person no matter their gender or sexuality

i hate this world and this fucked up backwards society that has existed forever and is never going to change 



Tattoo done by me, Liisa Kask, at Mama’s Pride Tattoo. Tallinn, Estonia. 
This is a fourth tattoo I have ever done and I couldn’t be more proud.


is the whole beyonce album about her having sex with jay-z or

it’s all i can think about when listening to it tbh



this makes me want it to snow this year but then again it’s either no snow or fucking two metres of it for me to walk through everyday with my feet frozen up and wet as hell and it blowing directly in my eyes there’s no in between 

Don Vito


Lets be honest here,

I know we would all say we would be Rick or Daryl in the apocalypse but in reality we would all be Eugene. 


Terra Wandering in the Sky by (neatmummy)

Night on the Lake (by AnnoyedGirl).

i did some crazy shit this weekend 

The Daenerys Fan Challenge  1st-14th October 2014

i went to a crazy ass punk show last night and it was so fucking awesome, probably the coolest experience of my life 

but i think they broke my ears because i still can’t hear well

last night i flipped the dj off multiple times and i think he saw me