you know these things from back in the day

the other day the guys were discussing how all the girls used to wear them and how they hated these and that they’re really ugly and are glad no one wears them anymore

my first thought was 

i need it

  • family: why won't you come with us?
  • me: there must always be a stark at winterfell

people dismissing the real problem that the show-runners keep adding sexual violence just for the sake of shock value and people noticing and saying something about it by saying “if you don’t like it stop watching” or “the show is supposed to be different, it’s BASED ON the novels” OR “it’s just a show, stop whining and relax!”

uhm…are you fucking kidding me 

that kind of behaviour from the producers/writers shouldn’t be ignored any longer. I don’t know. Let’s see how they play that out later in the series but for now I’m left disappointed. I can see the potential of the show turning in to one of those where they deviate too much from the books and fuck the story up majorly. And by adding scenes which are not important and nobody cares about just to shock people and gain more viewers and keep the “bewbs and dragons” people watching. The story is really good (albeit depressing) already. 

You might not care or understand the reason behing this outcry over that scene. But some people do. I personally watched the show before I was able to buy the books and even then, while I was very engrossed in the plot(even though I didn’t understand a lot of it at that time, not having english as a native language and all) the excess nudity and sex was sometimes uncomfortable to watch because I felt it was forced and just there to shock people and attract viewers by controversy. 

i’m glad to see the outcry over the jaime/cersei scene 


ok i didn’t like this episode that much

good job at ruining characters for shock value and what is with those awkward brothel scenes. nobody cares. it was uncomfortable to watch and the dialogue was awkward as well. we get it. oberyn goes both ways and he’s very sexual. we get it. tittes. ass. awesome. haven’t seen that before. bye

"the show and books are meant to be different, the show is an adaption" I fucking get it but that doesn’t mean that they have to ruin everything. you can still make the show different while staying true to the book plot and characters

that cersei and jaime scene was disturbing in the books yes but at least it was consensual or seemed like it. it was gross but it wasn’t rape. what the fuck was that anyway. completely unneccessary. i’m fucking pissed at the people who were responsible for that and this whole episode in general

i shouldn’t be this pissed off but god damn it i’ve never cringed that much during an episode. well, im sure i have but

are they like, at a meeting and some dude goes: 

"you know what would be awesome? boobs. and let’s add a little bit of rape where there was none. omg lmao we are so unpredictable. oh, and let’s completely massacre that character, who cares, let’s show more boobs for 5 minutes and cut some important stuff out because we have no more time. let’s add that totally neccessary sex scene there because maybe dudebros will lose interest" and everyone is like yeah that’s what we’ll do because this is the show not teh books we do what we want