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Admin Note Re: Casting


Hello awesome followers, old and new! I hope you’re all doing well. First things first, a thousand apologies for being completely absent for a long while. I had some recent-ish changes that have led to my long hiatus from WW-AW (graduation from uni, getting a full- time job, y’know, LIFE STUFF). I’m not going to promise perfectly regular posts from here on out (I feel like I’d jinx myself if I did), but I do hope to get back to posting soon. As always, the submission and ask boxes are open! Let me know/show what you’d like to see!

And now onto the ULTRA SRS stuff. I think we can all agree that we were all a little more than shocked and confused when we heard the recent casting news for season 5. On the one hand, hooray for Dorne (finally amirite)! I mean, we get friggin Alexander Siddig as Doran (I have never accurately fancast anyone ever, so I was really excited with this), HOW AWESOME IS THAT? And then we get some Sand Snakes (so great), and hey there’s Areo, our resident precious tough guy with a soft spot! And they’ve got a new Myrcella and will be including Trystane.  Okay, sure.  But we seem to be missing … something… or someone?  Maybe someone with some important Dorne POV chapters?  Like a certain heir who is also the primary mover/shaker in the  Dornish plotline? (Insert human-sized question mark here.)  Either D&D are holding out on casting news in order to give Arianne a super mysterious and kickass intro, or they’ve done the shittiest possible thing to do: cut Arianne Martell from Game of Thrones.  And with the way things are lookin’ with casting news (ie: announcing Trystane as the heir to Dorne - don’t even get me started), it seems to be the latter. 

Let’s be real here. What the hell is the Dorne plot without Arianne and Doran, and specifically their dynamic/relationship?  Did D&D even read the same book we all did? I wouldn’t be surprised if they skipped all the Arianne chapters for their four faves:  Tyrion, Dany, Arya, and Jon Snow (no offense to those characters, but its pretty clear how much the show-runners favor them). I mean, good god, how terrible does your reading comprehension have to be to churn out the crap they’ve been airing? I swear, it’s practically turned into their own self-insert fantasy.  Where is the Queenmaker, the Princess in the Tower, the savvy ruler of Sunspear?  

We were given a character - a female character - with all these great, wonderful traits: confidence, ambition, an actual relationship with her family that has complexity and depth, freedom in her sexuality, sympathy/empathy for others, political prowess, and so much more.  Essentially, Arianne embodies AGENCY.  And that is a trait that is unfortunately far too rare across all forms of media, not just literature. 

We all understand that making a 1:1 copy of the book in a visual form is nearly impossible.  It’s an adaptation for a reason (logistics, budget, feasibility, etc).  As an adaptation, we all get that there’s going to be changes.  And there’s nothing wrong with that!  Take Shae - I love, love, loved Sibel Kekilli’s Shae.  The relationship they developed between her and Sansa was honestly one of the highlights of the show for me.  But when you take a look at the majority of the changes, particularly where female characters are concerned (prominent and background), the changes are actually pretty frightening. From the really, really obvious: a series of non-canon rape scenes (Dany’s wedding night, Night’s Watch at Craster’s lodge, Sansa during the riot, Cersei/Jaime at Joffrey’s funeral, etc), gratuitous female-only nudity, non-canon violence against women (ROS);  to pretty big changes in character (Brienne using “woman” as an insult, I MEAN COME ON; Arya equating feminine with degrading; Cersei’s whole arc aw lawd), and the list goes on. 

It’s been made abundantly clear that the show-runners have very little respect towards female characters, and perhaps women in general. To let D&D have  a go at Arianne would probably have resulted in a terrible farce of this amazing character, probably reduced to one or two aspects of her fleshed-out identity.  Arianne Martell would have been ripped up and pieced back together as an exotic seductress with daddy issues. And that is so, so far from Arianne.

So, considering the direction the show’s been taking, maybe its a good thing that Arianne will be spared from D&D’s elaborate and multi-million dollar fanfiction of a tv show. Knowing the way they’ve been treating characters, I’m almost happy they didn’t get their hands on her. They could never do her justice.

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